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Books available from Barbara Waterman-Peters at STUDIO 831, 831 North Kansas Ave, Topeka, KS (Hours: First Fridays only 4:00-8:30PM or by appointment) in NOTO or via the Contact Form.

THE FISH’S WISHES was written by Glendyn Buckley and illustrated by Barbara Waterman-Peters.  Approached by Glennie, Barbara agreed enthusiastically to create the images for this wonderful story. In 2015 she did the colorful paintings which accompany the intriguing tale of a little fish who wants to be bigger and better and somewhere else! Already delighting children and adults, this open-ended narrative provides an opportunity for imagining various futures for that little fish!

The Fish’s Wishes           
$14.00 + 1.28 Tax = $15.28
Shipping is free.

BIRD is the second collaboration of Glendyn Buckley and Barbara Waterman-Peters who together had formed Pen & Brush Press. Written by Glennie and illustrated once again by Barbara, this story is inspired by true events. A very ornery parakeet, that refuses to talk, is rejected by various people until he is presented to a sad little girl who also refuses to speak. What is the outcome of this unusual pairing?

$18.00 + 1.65 Tax = $19.65
Shipping is free.


A new book, written by both Glennie and Barbara, who will also illustrate it, is due out in 2020. This story will center on a bevy of cats!

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